Q: Dose KH Strap fit other brands of watches besides Panerai?

A: Our straps will fit any type of watches as long as the width of watch lug matches the width of strap you wish to   order.
This can be confirmed by measuring the length of lug and picking a strap that offers the same width size
(the first number listed at the size of strap).

Q: How do I make out the numbers listed in the size category?

A: The first number (eg. 24 for 24/22) is the width of the strap at the watch end.
The second number (e.g. 22 for 24/22) is the width of the strap at the buckle end.

A 24/22mm strap gradually tapers from 24mm into 22mm, which would fit the
Panerai OEM buckles.

Q: Can your straps be used for OEM deployment buckle?
A: Sorry, our straps will not fit into OEM deployment buckle.

Q: How do I place an order?
A: We have implemented a Paypal shopping cart into our website. If you see an item which you'd like to purchase,
simply click the "Buy Now" button on the page and it will automatically be added to your cart. Then, you may
continue shopping or proceed with checkout.

Q: When will my order be shipped out?
A: Most orders will be shipped out on the following 2 - 3 working days once payment has been confirmed.
On the next proceeding business day which is not a Saturday, Sunday or Holiday in Hong Kong.

If you are making payment via Paypal eCheck, your order will only be shipped once the funds are cleared.

Q: How long will it take for my order to arrive?
A: Registered airmail
Orders to USA and Europe
Orders are estimated to arrive within 8 -13 business days.

Orders to Asia
Orders are estimated to arrive within 6 - 8 business days.
For EMS Speedpost, orders should arrive within 3-4 business days.

Tracking numbers will be available to customers for both shipping methods.

Q: What method of shipping do you use and how much do you charge?
A: We use Hong kong Post (www.hongkongpost.com) airmail for our shipments.

A flat fee of US$6.5 is charged for shipping to anywhere in the world.
EMS Speedpost and shipping via express courier are available on demand at extra cost.

Q: How do I pay for my strap(s)?
A: We accept payment via Paypal payment. Please visit
www.paypal.com for more information.
For more payment details.  Please visit
terms and conditions

Q: Is there any return policy?
A: Your satisfaction is our prime priority. If you are not satisfied with any of our products,
please email us within 2 days after received the product.
For more return policy information.  Please visit terms and conditions

Q: Do you provide custom made products?
A: Sorry, we do not provide any custom made products at this moment.

Q: Which size of strap should I select for my Pam?
A: ....Size of Panerai .......................Size of Strap

40mm.......................................22/22mm or 22/20
44mm.......................................24/24mm or 24/22mm
45 & 47mm..............................26/26mm, 26/24mm or 26/22mm

Q: How do I decide on the length of the strap?
A: On top of your personal preference, thinner straps wear "longer" and thicker straps wear "shorter" in general.

We recommend you to select a length longer than your OEM strap to obtain the tail style.

Thickness do affect sizing as follows:
6.0" - 6.5" = 120 x 80 or longer
6.6" - 7.0" = 125 x 80 or longer
7.1" - 7.5" = 130 x 80 or longer
7.6" - 8.0" = 135 x 80 or longer
8.0" - 8.5" = 140 x 85 , 145 x 80mm or longer

Q: When I order a strap from Kain Heritage, are the buckle and tube included?
A: Yes, the strap comes with a buckle and tubes.

Should there is any further enquiry, please contact us at
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